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Nimi: Jenna

Kao: Chocolate



Huone: 6

Nukke: 21

Rahat:  2 $


midori t-shatsu!orenji t-shatsu! aoi t-shatsu!pinku t-shatsu!akai t-shatsu!



the ceramic straightener i have. made in korea. the only place to buy these things.  

Pinky~!!!!!!!! Cassis Orange Mint flavor Pinky~!!!!!!!! Pine Mint flavor (pineapple)  

    thtare_panda_pixelkitty.gif image by Shezka_Kaoani

soft cream is so yummy! a creamy vanilla egg flavor, i bet. with cinnamon stick attatched.soft cream is so yummy! soft cream is so yummy! this vanila flavor looked the least affected by vanilla beans.soft cream is so yummy! coffee tinted.soft cream is so yummy! mocha flavor~soft cream is so yummy! an orange dreamsickle twist.soft cream is so yummy! mmmmmmmmmmmmmm matcha!soft cream is so yummy! this one is strawberry flavor.A scoop of not quite neapolitan--that one that has pistachio ice cream in it.A scoop of vanillaA scoop of chocolate chip cookie dough, with a caramel ribbon.A scoop of double chocolate with fudge ribbons and most likely brownie pieces.A scoop of strawberry. <img mce_tsrc=*neba-neba* chocolate with gummy peach inside*saku-saku* milk chocolate with a biscuit crunch*iki iki* the essence of strawberry taste

banana-split.gif image by Shezka_Kaoani

hamburger2.gif image by Shezka_Kaoani


glazed strawberry creme tart~~~ YUM!!key lime pie! starchy tart goodness with some super heavy duty whipped cream. YUM! larry's has the best tartlets.Mixed Berry Tart!!! sorta like the one at the Park Hyatt Tokyo, but not nearly as scrumptious....... *sigh*Peach Cobbler!!! with sweet cowsmilk cream and extra peach juice~~aesthetics no tame no neo cakes~! a gooey chewy toffee coating makes this cake an absolute no for braces, but an absolute yes for heaven! marzipan twirls and marshmallows seal the deal on top.

aesthetics no tame no neo cakes~! a solid white chocolate shell coats a deliciously moist center. white chocolate treats prancing on top, silver-leafed designes frolic about the sides.a cake glazed in strawberry Fondant, adorned with candied rose petals and a rock candy starflower, topped with a sugary meringue~ strawberry jam filling.

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